About Perspectec

Perspectec analyzes select public technology / growth companies, taking our best guess as to the direction of the future stock price. If we are wrong on a relative basis (for example in comparison to the NASDAQ Composite), eligible subscribers receive 100% of their money-back. If we are wrong on three consecutive eligible stock call subscriptions, we pay the individual subscriber $100. This is our Three Wrongs Make A Right Commitment. 

We have one individual focused on only one or two companies. With years of institutional equity research and technology experience overlooking the entire process, we believe we can consistently beat the market. We are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

► We are a registered investment adviser firm (with the U.S. SEC)

► 100% of our revenue is derived from subscriptions

► Analysts and associates are not allowed to trade their coverage universe

► We conduct surveys, interviews, SaaS peer comparisons, find statistical patterns, analyze Chinese VIE structures, examine foreign language filings, examine CPM / CPC pricing changes and examine other unique angles that impact a stock's current and future value

Please contact us at general@perspectec.com for more details or questions.

In order to receive a payment from Perspectec, please see our Perspectec's 3 Wrongs Make A Right commitment.